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Published on: Well Planned Exit

Productivity Tools That Every Ecom Entrepreneur Should Have In Their Arsenal

I’ve gathered some of the productivity tools that help me get through my day, and save me and my team precious time.

Hope they’ll make your work and life easier and more productive so you can focus on what matters most to you.

Some of them are widely spread and well known, others are more hidden. Skim through the whole list even if you know the first few.

No particular order.

Feel free to comment and message me with questions on any of the tools.

Also, please add in the comments the tools that help you rock so we can all learn and empower each other.




  1. ????? ??? ?????? – Youtube’s Audio Library for copyright free for commercial use no attribution required – Youtube Audio Library
  2. ???????-???? ?????? – Unsplash and Pexels
    Some mistakenly think both sites have the same stock of photos but that’s not true, always check both.
  3. ????? free to use for commercial use, look for the ones that don’t require attribution – Falticon
  4. ???????? & ??????? ????? as well as word and character count – Grammarly + WordCounter for webpages or software that Grammarly doesn’t apply, I copy-paste the text into WordCounter
  5. ???? ??????????, notes, keeping resources and sharing with different teams (sorry monday.com) – Notion
  6. ????? marketing delivery – MailerLite
  7. ???? ??????? for creating bolder posts and ads (as in this post) – YayText
  8. For all of you RTL language designers, I personally use this very old but effective ???? ????????? ???? when I pour text into Photoshop – TextReverse
  9. ????? ?????? ??? ??????? software, useful with chat support using links instead of attachments and via WhatsApp web etc. – LightShot
  10. A simple and free (up to 500mb/mo per user) ??? ??? for checking web experiences and ads from different countries – TunnelBear
  11. ???? ??? ???? ????’ ???? (extremely useful for heavy multiple tabs openers like myself) includes a paste option too (imagine copying 10 websites from a spreadsheet and pasting them one by one into Chrome) – Chrome Store Extension Instllation Page
  12. ???????? ????????? and making them look more “official” – CamScanner
  13. Adding my signature on documents and ??????? ????????? ??? ??????? to multiple parties – DocuSign

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