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Published on: Well Planned Exit

Account Manager or Do It Yourself – Which Way To Go?

Get yourself an account manager or go solo?

Before you go ahead and launch that campaign on Facebook or Google, and just before you create your new Amazon account for that product you just sourced, get yourself an account manager!

I used to ask myself why do I need them account managers, but after a few years in the game, I realized I am better of with dedicated inside contacts across all platforms.


  1. They can speed up your support tickets – account suspensions, listings suspensions, queries, bug reporting and more, their appeal is faster and the feedback you’ll be getting is more elaborative, which translates into saving your a** and making you money.
  2. They see dozens of accounts like yours – this gives them a bigger picture look at what’s happening in the ecosystem so they can point out wider platform issues and economical trends.
  3. An outsider perspective – sometimes you get stuck in your own scheme. It’s a great idea to have someone else review your strategy and set it up.
  4. They just might come up with some good ideas – I know a lot of AMs throw a lot of useless ideas, or try to sell you their agenda, but sometimes you come across a good idea, so stay open and listen to what they say. You don’t need to implement everything they throw at you, just distill the good stuff.
  5. Special programs, exclusive tools and functions – with a managed account on Google for example, you can move your payments from daily credit card charges to post payments. Don’t underestimate it, it goes a long way.
  6. They are accountable – as their title suggests, they actually do care about you and your business (well, at least most of them do). They might go out of their way for you, which would never happen when you call support.

If you plan to set up shop on Amazon, or launch campaigns across Google and Facebook, then I think you should get yourself account managers too.

Don’t have AMs assigned to your accounts? Try to ask for an introduction from a colleague, try to call sales or cold-approach contacts on Linkedin yourself.

And of course, if you ever need help getting in touch with representatives from Google, Facebook or Amazon, let me know.

What about you – do you have account managers across the board or do you DIY everything?

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